Back to 1885

A fan adventure

‘Back to the Future’ Returns to Sonora!

Enjoy an evening of ‘Back to the Future Part III’ -shown ON LOCATION, where it was filmed!
We’re creating an appropriate environment for one night only, where the original western sets once stood. Travel back in time to…
The Pohatchee Outdoor Theatre!

(Parking is available, but there is a restriction for vehicles at the site, so bring a lawn chair or blanket for the viewing.)

Experience the final installment of the 'Greatest Trilogy of all TIME’
while raising funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

By special arrangement with Universal Studios, ‘Back to the Future Part III’ will be shown for the first time ever in this special location, to celebrate local fellow movie-goers who were actually part of the movie!

With real drive-in movie speakers, Doo-Wop music, and a snack bar complete with hotdogs, popcorn and soda pop, you'll be transported back in time to 1955 when Doc sends Marty to the rescue!

Speaking of transport, the DeLorean time machine will be there for photos, complete with baby moon hubcaps and the Pepsi crate strapped to the hood, full of vacuum tubes and vintage electronics!
(Bring some extra cash to donate and you can climb in and have Christopher Lloyd’s seat for a photo!)

Door prizes will be handed out and a few extra-special surprises will occur throughout the event!

When: Friday, September 7th, 2018. Gate opens at 6pm. Movie starts at 7:30pm. (Come early!)
Where: Filming location in Red Hills of Northern California, just south of Jamestown, Hwy. 108/120
Who: Produced by Oliver and Terry Holler and friends.
What: Outdoor screening of ‘Back to the Future Part III.’
Why: Fundraiser for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.
How Much: Regular admission, $20. VIP ticket, $30.

This is a gated, pre-purchase, ticketed event, raising funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.
Admission Tickets will NOT be sold on site.


Two Options!
1) Regular Indian Ticket: $20. Includes admission and parking, plus a collectible, souvenir event ticket (with stub to enter a special prize drawing!)
2) Big Chief Ticket: $30. Includes admission and parking, plus a collectible, souvenir event ticket (with stub to enter a special drawing with prizes!) AND an exclusive event bumper sticker AND a hotdog AND drink! -Come hungry!

[email protected]

We’ve had a 1.21 jiggowatt overload and are
now sold out for the movie night!
Thank you for the overwhelming response, and don’t be disappointed if you missed it this time.
We would like the event to return in the future, and it would help if you send an encouraging word to Terry and Oliver Holler.
(They’d like to do it again too!)

Join us for more exciting events this week:

Saturday- Hill Valley Festival!
Sunday- Railtown Celebrates Back to the Future III!

Note: Saturday and Sunday events are open to the public. Select activities may require a fee, but you do not need to pre-purchase tickets in advance for these two days.

Saturday- Hill Valley Festival!

On Saturday evening, September 8th, Columbia State Historic Park plays host to the Hill Valley Festival!
Columbia has many activities during the day for the general public, but bring cash to participate in some of the evening Festival’s special attractions. (Proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.)

This park was once known as the "Gem of the Southern Mines." Between the 1850s and 1870s over one billion dollars in gold (at today's value) was mined in the area. For a time, Columbia was the second largest city in California!
Saturday is also Gold Rush Day in town! You’ll get to see inside special exhibits, stores and residences not regularly open to the public. Docents in period attire will provide lots of information on the structure of their featured building, nature of its business and equipment, contents of store merchandise, or interior décor of family homes, along with history of the times for visitors. If you’re lucky, the gambling table will be set up on the boardwalk for everyone to try their hand at betting against a mining camp gambler. Bowl for free in an antique bowling alley (next to the museum!)
Did you know California became a state on September 9, 1850 – 168 years ago! So why not have a parade? The Native Sons of the Golden West, Columbia Parlor #258, sponsors a California Admissions Day Parade in Historic Columbia. The Native Sons have a tradition of preserving California History. The parade is one of those that started in 1876! Tentatively to begin at 11am.

“What’ll it be, stranger?” You’re bound to hear a piano player at one of the saloons, so listen for the sounds and step in for a locally made Sarsaparilla, or whatever tickles your fancy.
Columbia State Park Activities:
Pan for real gold! Ride the 100+ year old Stage Coach, the ‘Quartz Mountain Stage Line.’ Take a docent tour around town, and check out some of the special exhibits on display from ‘Back to the Future Part III.’ You may recognize a certain grave stone over at the Cabinet and Undertakers shop! (photo op!) Original and replica props from the film will be assembled together for your enjoyment. Manure? We got it! Sniff out a familiar cart operated by Mr. Jones and dive face first into a pile of (photo op!)
Did your horse throw a shoe? Well, head on over to Doc’s Blacksmith shop to see his assistant working. There are some cool souvenirs, and he’ll even pound steel letters into a horseshoe to personalize it for you! (Our condolences to Buford’s now deceased horse.)
We are told there will be a black powder gun demonstration during the festival, so keep your ears out for a historical interpreter to show you how it was done in the old west.

From 6-9pm is the Hill Valley Festival. We’ll begin with the clock dedication ceremony and citizens can pose for an old timey portrait with the famous clock.

Music! We are super excited to announce that the live music for the festival will be performed by the original ‘Hill Valley Drifters’ from the movie! Cactus Bob and Prarie Flower have assembled their fellow musicians for a foot-stomping good time for fans! As Producer Neil Canton said, "In between shots, ZZ Top would play with the local musicians and it was a nice atmosphere to have music on the set."
You’ve watched them on the silver screen and tonight they play just for you, live! Yes, the clock tower will be in the background, still under construction and covered in scaffolding.

“What idiot dressed you like that?” There will be a costume contest sponsored by , the Facebook group dedicated to the art of Back to the Future Cosplay.

The contest will consist of 7 categories:
Atomic Marty
Western Marty
Western Doc
Bufford “Mag Dog” Tannen
Ancillary Characters (Maggie, Seamus, Marshall Strickland, Etc.)
-BONUS! Attendees of the cosplay contest will get to choose their fan favorite!
Trophies will be awarded!
One lucky Citizen will win an authentic Marty McFly
Shah Safari Shirt in their choice of size, courtesy of

Is Billie Jean your lover? If not, take part in an improvised dance-off, as we search for the citizen with the best Michael Jackson moves in Hill Valley.
Try your hand at Colonel Samuel Colt’s Patent Firearms Nerf-Shoot! (“Even a baby can do it.”)
Are you hungry? Stuff yer pie hole by entering the GENUINE Frisbee Pie Eating Contest! Yum!

Perhaps you’re aiming for a different kind of challenge. Skittle-spittin’ (hit the spittoon!) for prizes!
We predict a favorite carnival game will be a modified version of the corn hole toss. Someone has placed Buford Tannen’s ‘Wanted’ poster over the hole, and players will take aim with green colored ‘manure’ bags!
The DeLorean Time Machine will be parked for photo ops. Feed the Mr. Fusion Reactor a donation, and it will talk to you!
More door prize drawings with lots of great chances to win treasure.
Remember, many people in this community helped make ‘Back to the Future Part III,’ so the Hill Valley Festival will serve as a reunion while celebrating these local movie stars and behind-the-scenes heroes. Their stories and excitement about the filming of Part III are a real treasure and we hope they share with their fans.
Who knows? You may have the chance to do-si-do with some of them!

Just Announced!

Limited number of Single Day tickets Available for September 9th, 2018!

Railtown Celebrates Back to the Future Part III!

Sunday, September 9th, Railtown State Historic Park will host an entire day of train excitement, featuring the ‘Biggest’ star of ‘Back to The Future Part III,’ the famous, Sierra #3 steam locomotive!
It has been wonderfully restored and you will be able to climb aboard for a ride on this special train from the film.

A special excursion has been arranged with the engineer at gunpoint, er, in the interest of science.

At 10am, the Sierra #3 will be dressed in her costume from the movie for the first time in almost 30 years!

Lucky VIP passengers will ride along some of the same rails from the film, and Doc will stoke the fires with specially formulated logs to see if we can get ‘this baby up to 88 mph!’

Colored smoke, the point of no return, and a special ‘drive-by’ viewing, so everyone can disembark to witness the train speeding down the rails to meet its doom in Eastwood Ravine!

$200. Ticket includes:

Entry into the state park!

Exclusive morning ‘Back to the Future’ ride on the Sierra 131 steam locomotive!

A ride on the rails in the DeLorean time machine –YES! The DeLorean time machine will be placed on the tracks with real train wheels just like in the film!

A photo in the DeLorean!

A tour of Clara’s train car, still decorated by Universal Studios designers!

A special collectible gift, unique to this event!

Limited Availability. Click the link below and print your receipt for exchange at the ticket office.

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park
10501 Reservoir Rd, Jamestown, CA 95327

Proceeds to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research!


Props and replicas will be on display, including Michael J. Fox’s on-set director’s chair!
Meet and greet locals who worked on the film, and take a VIP behind-the-scenes tour of Railtown with Jesse Hosmer (Knowledgeable Back to the Future enthusiast and valued Railtown aficionado.)
The special stunt caboose used in the film will be available for photos, and you don’t have to jump from horseback to pose! Tour ‘Clara’s Car’ and donate to its restoration.
A special scale diorama of Hill Valley, built by French modeler and Back to the Future fan, Mitch Garcia, will make its U.S. public debut!
Congregate in the train station’s ‘Carriage Room’, (the actual meeting space where the film makers viewed dailies!) for presentations from Back to the Future alumni, featuring special guest: ‘Dangerous’ Bob Widin, Prop Master from the trilogy.

Many never-before-seen photos and artifacts from production will be shared.
There will be multiple Back to the Future related photo opportunities, book signings, licensed collectibles, gifts and sites to see, in and around this State Park throughout the day.

We hope you join us in the Sonora region in Northern California for this Back to the Future Part III weekend. It’s a special place with delightful people and wonderful stories.

We’ll see you in the ‘FUTURE!’
Oliver and Terry Holler
Event Coordinators

VIP 'All-inclusive' tickets for the ‘Back to 1885’ event (which include hotel, meals, activities and souvenirs) are sold out. We have been asked to keep a waiting list, so email us if you'd like to be added. If a room opens up, we will work our way through the names, giving 24 hours to purchase the ticket. After, it goes to the next name down on the list! (and so on...) [email protected]

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